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App Review: Shopkick

May 19, 2017
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We live in the age of rewards points and special e-mail only offers and I just don’t shop enough to participate in the rewards game. Sure, scanning my receipts to earn back money seems easy enough, but as I tried various rewards apps I found out I just don’t shop enough to earn anything significant. It was taking me months to earn a simple $5 gift card to Starbucks and I gave up on using reward apps. Here’s where the game changed for me on reward apps, the app Shopkick. A friend suggested it while we were out shopping one day. I asked her how long it took to rack up enough points to cash in and her timeline seemed reasonable. I was skeptical, but I downloaded it anyways.

You’re probably wondering what’s so great about Shopkick and what makes it different? Bottom line, it’s easy. So easy, this low-tech, never goes shopping, I forgot to scan my receipt girl, uses it and loves it.

For starters, you get points for walking into your local store such as Kroger. I didn’t even have to touch a single button on my phone and I’ve earned at least 25 points at the door. Walk in points range from 25-50 points, but an occasional points bonus will pop up and you can earn a hundred points if not more. While you’re in the store you can earn more points simply by scanning the barcode of the product from the list. You simply select the store you are in and a list of point worthy products will appear. Shopkick even lets you earn points for your purchases by scanning your receipt. I know, you’re probably thinking this is just a fancy form of marketing and we’re being baited to buy things we don’t truly need. While yes, it can be true, I can currently earn 110 points for scanning and buying a box of cheerios at Walgreens. A simple product at my local drugstore. With a wide variety of point eligible products, earning points is as easy as taking a picture with your phone.

After only a few months on earning points, I had enough points to earn a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card. Other rewards options include; movie tickets, target, Nike, Marshalls, Lowes, and even an option to donate to the red cross. After I selected my rewards option I simply clicked the redeem button and a few minutes later my electronic gift card arrived on the app. I’ve been using my points to get free books on my nook and there is nothing better than free books, in my opinion. Don’t waste your time with those other reward apps. Download Shopkick today and start earning your points simply by walking in the door.

Download the app here: Shopkick

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