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The Hollywood Jesus Insights page will take you into deeper levels of understanding God and our culture.

Most of these insights were posted in 1998-9. The most recent Insights are incorporated with the reviews.
Top Spiritual Films from Hollywood.
What films have impacted you the most in a spiritual way?

What film Has Been Seen by More People Than Any Other?
   A) Gone With The Wind.   B) Titanic.   C) Star Wars
   D) None of the above.  Click and be surprised!

The Incredible Connection Between the Cross and Hollywood
There is a very interesting connection between the cross of Jesus and Hollywood.  It is a connection the goes back thousands of years to the ancient Druids and their myths.

Why Hollywood Jesus?
In Western culture, filmmakers are the story tellers that connect the viewer with the realities of the mysteries of life that appeal to our inner quest for truth and purpose.  The images in the movies that spark this inner quest stay with us a lifetime.

B.C. Comics -Censored!
B.C. may be the most censored cartoon strip in America today. Religion--more specifically, Christianity -- seems to be considered offensive on the comics page, unless it's a spoof.

God the Artist
God's "sets," we might say, are phenomenal--the Grand Canyon and the Matterhorn, the Kalahari Desert and the Vale of Kashmir, the amazing Amazon and Victoria Falls.

Jesus in Art
An automatic slide show. View the whole life of Christ by looking at only his face -as painted by the masters.

Celebrated Writers and Jesus.
Graham Greene, John Steinbeck, Harold Kampf, William Faulkner, and Gore Vidal used the story of Jesus in their novels!

Christian Artists in Hollywood
The Hollywood Faithful.  Hollywood's all bad? An evening with the Entertainment Fellowship quickly dispels that illusion.

Why Hollywood Jesus Is Not Moralistic
"WHAT ABOUT ALL THAT SEX, VIOLENCE AND SLEAZE?" This is a question I get asked often.  Here is my response in the form of letters, reviews and articles.

Interview with Michael Medved
Michael Medved says there is a "A Profound National Shift."  Hollywood is cleaning up its act.  Medved is a film critic for The New York Post and co-host of Sneak Previews, the weekly movie review show on PBS.

Good Art Lasts Longer
"Good art" argues cultural critic Kenneth A. Myers, "takes us to a world we wouldn't have imagined ourselves." It not only criticizes, it holds out a better moral vision. At their best the movies do this.

Disney Boycott. Yes or No?
Dick Rolfe of the Dove Foundation, a non-profit Christian media organization, best expresses how I feel. Instead of a general boycott, simply support what you like with your dollars and don't support what you don't like. Easy. Effective. And, it works. 

What the Bible Says About Angels
The subject of "angels" is receiving a lot of attention these days. This popular interest in reflected in recent movies popular television shows.   Here is an examination of what the Bible has to about "angels."

Angels in films.
How many films can you name
with angels in them?

Michael the Archangel?
What is the real story about Michael the Archangel?

Gabriel the Archangel
He's the most popular angel in film today.

Satan Has Fallen
He is the subject of many films.  But what does the Bible teach about him?

Why Did Jesus Walk on Water?
In The Truman Show, Trueman takes a boat to the end of his world.  Gets out and seemingly walks on water.  He had conquered his evil.

Armageddon in Prophesy.
Here is the final cosmic battle between the forces of Good and Evil.

What Is New Birth?
Steps to peace with God, by Dr. Billy Graham, the most respected and honored evangelist of all time.

The Mystery of the Trinity
The idea of the Trinity is used in such films as "Superman," " Face to Face" et al.  Understanding the essential idea behind the Trinity is to understand God, divine truth, and culture.

Creeds of the Church.
The Apostles creed is basic to understanding Christian belief.  It is also the source of such movies as "The Quick and the Dead," "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" et al.

The Incredible Inca Revelation.
The Incas worshipped the sun but when the revelation came to Pachacuti that the sun shined on some but not all he realized that the sun was a created thing. That the Incas had been worshipping creation not the creator was a revolutionary idea.

The Man Who Became an Ant
Here is an amazing story of a culture that had all the ingredients of the story of Jesus Christ inherent in their myths and legends can be found in a book entitled "Bruchko."

Christmas and Pop Culture
Much of what we think about the Christmas story is not biblical. We have been deeply influenced by our popular culture. See how much you have been influenced!

Mithras. How We Got the Dec. 25 Christmas
In ancient days there was a myth that "prophesied" the coming of Christ. In Rome it was called the myth of Mithras, the story of the Unconquerable Sun.

The Deeper Meaning of the Christmas Tree
It was the famous Christian reformer Martin Luther who started the Christmas tree tradition. The decorated evergreen has profound spiritual meaning.