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nbff red carpet

Saturday at Newport Beach Film Festival

Apr 26, 2015Comments off
Darrel Manson

“If you could go back in time and see one show, which one would it be?” That question is at the heart of All in


Friday at Newport Beach Film Festival

Apr 25, 2015Comments off
Darrel Manson

Know New Art. That’s the tagline for this year’s Newport Beach Film Festival. Film festivals bring lots of new art to the world by giving

Newport Beach Film Festival 2015

Apr 24, 2015Comments off
Darrel Manson

I look forward to film festivals and it is time for me to head to the beach for the 16th annual Newport Beach Film Festival.


24 Days film review

Apr 24, 2015Comments off
Darrel Manson

On January 20, 2006, Ilan Hamili went to meet a beautiful woman who came into his shop and asked for his number. He never returned

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Thrice frontman, Dustin Kensrue’s new solo record out now

Apr 21, 2015Comments off

California native, Dustin Kensrue has had a long career in the music industry, and has been extremely interesting to follow over the years. From his



Rapper KB’s Sophomore Classic

Apr 21, 2015Comments off

While rapper Lecrae has been busy winning Grammys, and putting out number one albums, his own private label, Reach Records hasn’t been doing too shabby



Powerful Debut Album, “How Can It Be” from Lauren Daigle

Apr 16, 2015Comments off

For 23 year-old Louisiana native, Lauren Daigle, music was always a passion, but it wasn’t a calling until a debilitating immune disease left her boarded



Mar 31, 2015Comments off

The 23 year old Michigan native will likely draw some Eminem comparisons for his pain-filled verses, rapped over dark brooding strings and beats, but there

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Jon Acuff

Interview with Author Jon Acuff

Apr 21, 2015Comments off

Jon Acuff has come a long way since the days of his first book, Stuff Christians Like. In many ways, he’s become an expert on

The Oxford Inklings by Colin Duriez

Apr 19, 2015Comments off

If you are looking to find good reading about C S Lewis, JRR Tolkien, and their associates, there are a few good authors I would


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Bloodborne & H.P. Lovecraft & How Art Begets Art (featuring a log of my invasions while i wrote this post)

Apr 16, 2015Comments off
Matt Hill

i'm sitting here as i write this with my Bloodborne character sat in a corner, his sinister resonant bell chiming, waiting to invade another player's


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Living With a Wild God (More Like: Wild for God)

Jan 22, 2015Comments off
Matt Hill

why such agony over what’s apparently a random void, a rock’s thoughts, a _______________ without the___________?

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