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DVD Review: Owlegories Volume 4, The Gift & The Star

Nov 23, 2016Comments off
Brandy Lidbeck

Now that the Christmas season is officially upon us, it is the perfect time to grab some hot chocolate, a blanket, and curl up on


Movie Review: Moana

Nov 23, 2016Comments off

Disney’s neo-classic streak continues with Moana, a not wholly original, but still thoroughly enjoyable film for the family to enjoy during the holidays. While many


Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Nov 18, 2016Comments off

One thing is clear, the wizarding world has far more charm across the pond than it does here stateside. Case-in-point; in the UK they call


Movie Review: Dr. Strange

Nov 04, 2016Comments off

Strange things happen in Dr. Strange (I promise that will be the only title pun I make). At its core, Dr. Strange is a typical

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Lauren Daigle Behold

Album Review: Lauren Daigle, Behold

Nov 22, 2016Comments off
Kelly Smith

The air is crisp, the lights twinkle, and the smell of spruce and hot chocolate permeate the air. The only thing missing is the perfect


Album Review- Unto Us, JJ Heller

Nov 15, 2016Comments off
Brandy Lidbeck

It’s the most wonderful time of year and this year is even more wonderful thanks to JJ Heller who just released her first full-length Christmas

Audrey Assad Inheritance Deluxe Edition

Album Review: Audrey Assad, Inheritance – Deluxe Edition

Nov 06, 2016Comments off
Melinda Mattson

Audrey Assad’s Inheritance Deluxe album isn’t a collection of your grandmother’s hymns. I mean, it might be, but it won’t sound like her collection sounded


Artist Highlight: Aaron Stepp, Album Release: Live From The Mountains

Oct 28, 2016Comments off
Beth Walker

  Aaron Stepp, worship pastor of Lifeline Church in Princeton, WV released his first album Live From The Mountains in October. I was lucky enough to

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The Gift of Second

Book Review: The Gift of Second, Healing from the Impact of SUICIDE by Brandy Lidbeck

Nov 15, 2016Comments off
Andrea Stunz

As I write this we are approaching a major holiday season. Holidays are not always happy and hopeful. For some, holiday seasons come with unbearable

Good Good Father

Children’s Book Review – Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett

Oct 21, 2016Comments off
Heather Gerwing

The song, Good Good Father, written by Pat Barrett and Tony Brown won Song of The Year earlier this month at the 47th Annual GMA

The Gift of Second

First Look: The Gift of Second: Healing from the Impact of Suicide by Brandy Lidbeck

Oct 18, 2016Comments off
Andrea Stunz

“The trauma of a suicide does not end the day we bury our loved ones. Like the water in a ripple effect, after a stone

Book Review: God Whispered Your Name

Children’s Book Review – God Whispered Your Name, by Philip Haussler

Oct 05, 2016Comments off
Heather Gerwing

  “In the beginning, on the very first day, God looked around and started to play.” This personalized book celebrates God’s deep love for each

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