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Power Rangers

Mar 24, 2017Comments off

What if The Breakfast Club had super powers? I’m pretty sure somewhere along the line that was part of the pitch for this new Power

Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Mar 17, 2017Comments off

Beauty and the Beast is Disney’s biggest gamble yet when it comes to their recent trend of remaking animated classics. This isn’t some movie that

Movie Review: Race to Win

Movie Review: Race to Win

Feb 24, 2017Comments off

New on DVD, Race to Win joins the stable of inspirational horse movies. In the wake of a sudden heart attack, the death of Gentry

Review: Owlegories Volume 5: The Lion, The Lamb, and The Bread

Feb 24, 2017Comments off

On February 21st, Owlegories Volume 5 was released and it does not disappoint. The DVD contains three new episodes titled The Lion, The Lamb, and

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Review Hillsong Y&F Youth Revival Acoustic

Album Review: Hillsong Young & Free, Youth Revival Acoustic

Mar 23, 2017Comments off

Hillsong Young & Free released an acoustic remix of their Grammy-nominated album Youth Revival. Young & Free unites the dance mix and pop sounds with

Ellie Holcomb Red Sea Road

Album Review: Ellie Holcomb, Red Sea Road

Mar 06, 2017Comments off

As I expected, Ellie Holcomb has offered another delightful album to her dedicated followers as well as to those whom she may be a new

First Look: Audrey Assad: the daughter of a Syrian refugee

Press Release: Audrey Assad, the Daughter of a Syrian Refugee

Feb 22, 2017Comments off

Critically acclaimed singer, songwriter and author Audrey Assad is passionate about the plight of refugees. In a video recently released by the creative director at


Album Review: Hollyn, One-Way Conversations

Feb 11, 2017Comments off

Modern music with a message. Lyrics that are understandable, relevant and reverent combined with a fresh sound makes this newcomer’s album one that is sure

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Mandy Majors, TALK

Author Interview: Mandy Majors, TALK: A Practical Approach to Cyberparenting and Open Communication

Mar 01, 2017Comments off

I’d like to introduce you to Mandy Majors, founder of nextTalk, an online support group for parents. If you have children, I suggest you head

Book Review: TALK

Book Review: TALK: A Practical Approach to Cyberparenting and Open Communication

Feb 28, 2017Comments off

Mandy Majors is a normal mom with two kids. She’s in the trenches with us, trying to figure out how to help her kids navigate

Book Review and Author Interview: The Giving Challenge

Feb 11, 2017Comments off

Earlier this month, Author Stephanie Jones released her debut book The Giving Challenge: 40 Days to More Generous Life. Her book contains forty short stories about

Steven Curtis Chapman Book

First Look: Steven Curtis Chapman’s Memoir, Between Heaven & The Real World

Feb 10, 2017Comments off

STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN WILL RELEASE MEMOIR BETWEEN HEAVEN & THE REAL WORLD on March 7, 2017 With Revell, A Division Of Baker Publishing Group. For The

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